Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Combined with Chiropractic Care Equals Pain Relief

Ellison Chiropractic will help alleviate your pain in your muscles and joints by utilizing different therapies and chiropractic techniques. One of the therapies offered in our clinic is massage therapy. This treatment complements our chiropractic techniques that are used for massage therapyrehabilitation and healing. Massage therapy is an important companion to chiropractic care. Some of the benefits of massage either before or after chiropractic adjustment include helping the body prepare and be more receptive to adjustments, increasing effectiveness of treatments, relieving pain and muscle tension and helping prevent future pain and injuries.

How Patients Benefit from Massage Therapy

Massage relaxes muscles, increases blood circulation in your body and promotes healing in your muscles and tissues. When muscles are relaxed and less tense your body is more receptive to adjustments. Tense muscles not only cause more pain, but they can resist the acts of readjustment so massage is an essential tool to assist in pain relief and wellness care.

Poor posture and headaches are conditions where massage and chiropractic techniques can work together to correct the problem. Proper spinal alignment is important when correcting poor posture and relieving headache pain. Once you have been adjusted a deep tissue massage can relieve muscles tension and prep them for strengthening exercises that will assist in correcting bad posture. Most headaches are caused by tension or stress so massage techniques can do wonders for management and relief of headache pain.

Injuries such as personal injury or car accident injuries can be cared for with chiropractic techniques and wellness care. Whiplash is a common car accident injury that can be healed and treated by our Eagle chiropractor. Pain relief from injuries such as whiplash is achieved through chiropractic adjustments, corrective or strengthening exercises and massage. Massage will increase the effectiveness of your rehabilitation treatment for whiplash by healing deep tissue damage in the neck and back. The increased blood circulation from your massage will also boost your immune and digestive systems so that your body is stronger and more apt to heal faster.

Chiropractic medicine is used for pregnancy care as well as injury treatments. Our chiropractor will incorporate massage into your pregnancy care plan to enhance pain relief and relaxation. Gentle massage can assist with pain and discomfort experienced during pregnancy. Chiropractic adjustments can help keep your spine aligned during pregnancy. Massage therapy will reduce pain and swelling, muscle spasms and provide greater joint flexibility while restoring range of mobility and range of motion.

Our Eagle chiropractor will use various chiropractic techniques combined with massage therapy to give you the pain relief you need for your injury or aliment. He will work to design an individualized treatment plan that will focus on your specific needs and wellness care. Visit our Ellison Chiropractic, located in Eagle Idaho and serving the surrounding communities of Meridian and Boise.

Pricing Options

Swedish Massage Deep Tissue Massage Hot Stone
 1/2 Hour  $30  $45
 1 Hour  $50  $65
 1 1/2 Hour  $75  $85  $95
Package of 5 - 60 minute  $200  $225

*We also offer prenatal massages.*

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